Once Upon a Social Media Platform . . .


As a writer, avid reader and artist, would you like to have a platform where you can share your work to the world.


A place where there is high quality traffic from like minded people.


People you can bounce your ideas off of, or run your manuscript by, or just in general have a great conversation about what matters most to us.


And I do not mean with "so many characters or less", or platforms that are so obscure only a writer could find it.


Would you like your work to be represented side by side with the classics.


The best part is, this is only the beginning!


For starters, how about a (k i c k  a $ $) Author's Page that will get you noticed online.


And don't worry it is not all pretty looks either, as the Wizard's Book Club offers up some of the finest magical tools at your disposal.


How about the ability to upload pdf files or epub files with your post so you can not only discuss the topic at hand, but you can actually include your manuscript or ebook if you want.


This is great for receiving instant feedback from your peers.


Imagine a place where you can write a blog include video and graphics, create a discussion about it, ask a question to the group about it and post about it all seamlessly in one platform, that is the magic of the Wizard's Book Club.


The magic is only just beginning, but it really all comes together by building a robust community of people just like you.


So spread the word (pun intended) and let everyone know about the most magical writing and reading platform out there today, the Wizard's Book Club brought to you by Wizard Wise Publishing.


Our goal is to make this the #writerscommunity and #readerscommunity of choice for self publishing writers, authors, and artist.


So join in on the magic at the Wizard's Book Club and contribute with your craft to our #writers and #readers #community.


We our supported by our users, if you want a "Verified Account", then Donate to the Wizard's Book Club today!


Thanx, WW

P.S. as a token of appreciation from the Wizard, he would like you to have a copy of the "Frog Prince" from the Brother's Grimm, one of many from the Wizard Wise Classic Library

The Frog Prince
The Frog Prince