The Adventures of Wiz Kid

by: Mark Christopher Garrett


Part One

The Invisible Wiz Kid  


" . . . the decimal point goes here, then you carry the 8 over here. Is everyone paying attention because this will be on the exam tomorrow." exclaimed Ms. Beatrix as she sat the chalk down on the edge of the chalk board and picked up the blackboard eraser.  


Within one swift spin Ms Beatrix chucks the chalkboard eraser  with the accuracy and strength of a professional major league pitcher, only Ms Beatrix is well beyond 500 although according to the elders she is still considered a youngn'.

She then continues speaking as if never stopping, " . . . and that means yo . . ."


And before she could finish her sentence the eraser stops in mid air and hovers, then it starts to spin, first slowly but then progressively getting faster, Ms Beatrix finishes her sentence,


"you, Merlin, although I see that you are in tune with your surrounding frequencies, but were you or were you not paying attention to my lesson, it will be on . . ." and before she could finish her sentence . . .Merlin lifts his head off of his desk, wiping his drool from his mouth hoping no one saw and slowly pulls back his hoodie and speaks in unison with Ms Beatrix . ."On the exam", then continues politely, "Yes Mam, long division, carry the 8, I've got it yes Mam, but if I may wouldn't it just be easier to just see the answer in your head?" 


The class laughs out loud.


Ms Beatrix motioning the class to silence back down states, "Of course it is easier to just see it in your head all of us here know that, but in order to fit in the "Real Word" we need to know and understand their ways."


Merlin responds, "Yes, but I do not know why they just can not do that which seems so obvious."


"Now, now Merlin it is not up to us to judge nor to question others ways, methodology, nor ideology that is for them. What is for us is to have the knowledge of their ways so we can implement our wisdom upon them."


The class bell rings and the students begin to get up and gather their items, while Merlin pipes in "You mean our magic upon them."


The rest of the students have left the classroom while Merlin is still putting his books into his backpack.

Ms Beatrix approaches him and ask him kindly, "Why do you defy our ways openly, without disregard to status or place.

Merlin pauses and responds in kind, "I mean you nor this establishment, this institution any disrespect, I just do not fully understand your ways, me being a half breed allows me the benefit and advantage of seeing through both worlds, so I challenge what might be considered the status quo, not out of disrespect but an earnest quest to learn more and push the envelope to the max for all of us to benefit." his tone picked up with excitement as he spoke.


"I understand, it must be challenging being in those shoes, . . . but I do know you know right from wrong and common courtesy so please act accordingly, as to the other I am sure those doors will open up for you when you can access the keys, you do have knowledge, a little Wiz Kid for sure but time and experience will give you the wisdom you need and for that all one needs is patience.  I am sure each half of both your breeds can understand that. This is why you are the student and I am the Teacher, but now class is over so just go be a kid and have some fun. Everything else will work itself out in due time and when each challenge presents itself, you will be ready!"


"Thanx Ms Beatrix, I'll see you on Monday."


"Monday, but tomorrow is the exam!"


"Yes Mam, but remember you signed off on this a month ago, you know . . . the competition . . . ?


"Oh that is right, is that this weekend, I'm so absent minded, no wonder you were so tired, here take this and run along and get some rest, . . . and good luck!" as she snaps her fingers and an apple appears out of nowhere and materializes, hovering in mid air just like the eraser did.


"Thanx Ms Beatrix, but shouldn't I be the one giving you the apple?!"


The two chuckle as they walk out the classroom together, Ms Betrix pauses to close and lock the door while Merlin continues to walk down the school corridor, now void of most students.


Merlin heads to the Castle Magic School dorm which is two buildings over, if you tae the traditional way, but Merlin would never do that he speaks into thin air and a portal opens, a literal door opens to a room, not just any room but specifically his dorm room and it's not just two buildings over but also at the top of the tower.


Merlin walks through the doorway and the door closes behind him or rather disappears back into thin air.


His room mate jumps up in alarm, "Oh, it's just you, I hate it when you do that!"


"What, use my Magic Door?"


"No, sneak up on me and scare the you know what out of me. Anyway hurry, Dr. Castaspell called, or rather he spoke in the room without being here, scared the you now what out of me, anyway, he said the travel party will be leaving earlier than scheduled and you need to get there as soon as I see you!"  


"But I haven't finished my formula yet, I am not sure the potion will work, I was going to use tonight to do that . . ."


"Well, things have changed, wing it, work on it while traveling, you'll figure it out, now go." as he hands Merlin his items.

"But my potion!"


"Already packed"


"My notes?!"


"In your satchel."


"Thanx, I never would have made it through this school year if it was not for you. I' guess I'll see ya when I get back!"


"Haha, ya, but the real question is, will I see you? Good luck, if your potion works you will win the contest, if it does not work you will shame Castle Magic School and embarrass yourself  in front of every leading Magus of our millenia, you might even be shunned from the academy and academia itself . . ."


"So, no pressure?" Merlin responds as he walks out the door, the real physical door this time as he needed the time alone walking to think things out. What was he going to do, he knew his formula was not ready and would not work so his overactive brain was trying to figure something out so as to not have all those evil and bad things happen that his room mate mentioned and those items would only be the tip of the iceberg.


Upon arrival to the embarcation room he is immediately spotted by Dr. Castaspell who calls out, "Great, the Wiz Kid is here that makes all of us, are you ready young Wizard?"


"Who's  '"all of us'" and why are you shouting?"


"You and I are all of us of course as only one student per school is allowed to participate and I am shouting because of my nerves I guess, sorry about that, it's just that I am very excited, this is the first for us, well of course it is, you are a first everywhere yo go here but you know what I mean  a first in the sense that we have never had a first year student represent us in this competition before, but you have most impressed everyone since your arrival and we are all eager to see your latest achievement, I hear it is a doozy and will bring the house down and be the talk within magical circles for years to come."


"Yes Sr, I mean Dr.," and then mumbles "no pressure" 


"What's that? Did you say something young lad?"


"Yes, Dr. it is going to be a show worth remembering and talking about, that's for sure!"


Dr. Castaspell picks up his travel items with his left hand and begins to wave his right arm in a circular motion, waving it effortlessly, then speaks . . .


"O.k. Wiz Kid, do your thing, open a doorway, they are expecting us."


"Yes Sr., . . . I mean Dr."


Merlin Speaks, and with the command of his voice a doorway appears out of thin air again, The two proceed to walk through it, on the other side is a room full of people

Once they entered the room the door magically vanished behind them.


"I do not know how you do that, but the fact is you did, amazing that we are thousands of miles away and all we did was walk through a door, this is why you are the Wiz Kid. Listen the reason we had to come early is so I can change the registration form for the competition, any and all changes must be completed before the competition starts, so even though you are scheduled as the key event we needed to be here early to make these necessary changes."


"Changes?" said Merlin, "What changes?"


"I must confess young Wizard that no one not even I believed your claims about an Invisibility Potion, so I wrote in that your magical performance was to be your Magical Doorway, but if it did not work I'm sure you would of said so by now, so I find myself believing in you and your potion, so like I said I need to go change the registration form, . . . it does work right, or should I just leave the form as is?"


"Of course it works!" stated Merlin confidently, "And today the world or magic will see it for itself."


"Or better yet, not see it, haha. Now go and sign in for our rooms. I will see you there later and we will get some dinner, see you then, get some rest, you look exhausted."


"Yes Sr., . . . I mean Dr, . .. sounds like a plan, I'll catch ya later."


Merlin walks off in the opposite direction then Dr Castaspell and is finally alone where he can gather his thoughts and think about the formula and how to make everything work, or at the very least work out.

Merlin signs in at the lobby and receives the magic key to their hotel room, contemplating to himself all along the way:

“I can not believe I did not tell Dr, Castaspell that the potion does not work when I had the chance, what was I thinking, I wasn’t I’m not now, I’m panicking and rambling on things I should of done instead of focusing on things I should be focused on in the here and now as that is how one masters real magic, by mastering the living entity that is the here and now. Now I must master this problem as it is in my power to do so, . . . in my power to do so, . . . I command it, . . . uggggg, I’ve got nothing! What am I going to do, and the worst part about the whole thing will be facing my father, and watching him laugh at me as the rest will be doing so for the rest of my living life, the only consolation is that I live backwards in time compared to everyone else, so there is that, but for all those in the other timeline it will lived in infamy, I must think if something.

Before he realized it the door began knocking and Merlin awoke from a deep sleep,

“Wow, I did not realize I had fallen asleep. I must have been more tired than I thought.”

Again, knocking at the door, only a little louder this time,

“Coming.” said Merlin as if still asleep.

Merlin opens the door and outside is Dr. Castaspell holding a pizza.

“Look what I brought, food! Hungry? You look a little tired, I thought I told you to get some rest.”

“I just woke up.” said Merlin

“Oh, well that explains the look. Here I brought you some brain food . . . pizza!”

“Sounds yummy, I’m starved.”

The two ate, Merlin then bathed and retired for the evening.

Dr. Castaspell stayed up and watched t.v. as it is something they do not get back at Castle Magic.

Later that night in the wee dark hours, Merlin is still twisting and turning in his bed trying to sleep but can’t, meanwhile late night t.v. guy, Dr. Castaspell is sound asleep snoring away with the t.v. still on and blaring some cheesy infomercial very loudly.

Ug,I can not sleep, all this noise is driving me insane.”

Merlin then proceeds to turn on the radio as well to a heavy rock station,

“There maybe this will drown out all the noise in my head, as a million thoughts on what to do run through my head a mile a minute.”

Merlin then spots some paperwork over on the breakfast table, looks like blue prints.

Merlin gets a glass of milk from the refrigerator then he sits at the breakfast table and looks over the papers.

“Hey, these are the blueprints to the stage I will be performing on tomorrow, I wonder if there is any information here I can use to help me, hmmm what’s this?”

Merlin eyes over the blueprints as he reaches into the pizza box and pulls out a slice of leftover pizza, he then waves his other hand over it and the slice of pizza turns into a banana.

Merlin eats the banana as he spots something in the blueprint that picks up his eye

“This could be the answer.” he whispers as he reaches into the box and pulls out another slice, only this time he changes it into a blueberry muffin.

He smiles as he downs his muffin and chases it with his milk. Merlin then has found peace of mind and begins to turn off the t.v. and then the radio. Not much he could do about Dr. Castaspell’s snoring though, but no worries it was kind of soothing and rhythmic at the same time. Merlin laid down and fell asleep very quickly.

The next morning’s sun shined through the curtains and right into Merlin’s eyes waking him at day break.

Merlin all smiles as he is confident in taking on the day's challenges.

Dr. Castaspell wakes up to the sound of Merlin watching morning cartoons.

“Do you have to watch it so loud?” said the Dr.

“It is where you left it last night when I was sleeping.” replied Merlin

“Oh, it seems louder today.”

“Dr.” said Merlin,”The concierge called up and said the Competition was assigning every contestant an assistant to help with the ceremonies of the day, so as to keep everyone on a schedule and coordinated.”

“That makes sense,” said the Dr., “When do you get yours?”

“I am supposed to meet him in an hour to go over my routine and to prepare.”

“That will be great.” said Castaspell I need to go and confirm everything with the judges regarding your changes, so I will do that when you meet with you assistant. What's for breakfast?”

“Leftover pizza, want some?”

“Sounds great.”

The two ate together then proceeded on their separate days' journey, with the agreement they would meet backstage before the performance is to take place.

Merlin uses what little free time he has to do some last minute shopping for some items he needs to perform his magic.

Dr. Castaspell went to the performance stage where he finds himself in a slight disagreement with one of the performance judges.

“We need more lights!” states Dr. Castaspell emphatically.

“But Sir., our magicians like it dim so they can get away with their sleight of hand and magical trickery.”

“This Wiz Kid is the real deal, I tell you and we need all the light you can give me to prove that he harnesses real magic and not just magicians trickery, that is my whole point Judge, with all do respect.”

“Well if you insist Dr., we can fire up the mega lights and the double spot light, will that be more to your liking?”

“That will do just fine Sr., tonight you will witness something truly magical, and something that will be talked about for ages to come.”

“So I hear Dr., so I hear.”

The contest started earlier that day and has scheduled events running all day long. Magicians, Wizards,Warlocks Witches and every other sort of magus or magi have all gathered here for this once in a lifetime competition.

As the day progresses the magic gets more and more complex. The stakes are high this year as evey school’s reputation relies on the magic of the student, after all you are only as good as what you can teach to others.

The Dr. has watched tentatively to all the acts as he wants to size up the competition.

There have been a lot of great sorcerers on stage today, but none come close to matching the complexity and skill level of what Merlin will be performing.

Speaking of Merlin, where is he, he is almost scheduled to go on and was supposed to meet the Dr. here prior to the act.

Dr. Castaspell begins to get nervous and starts looking around backstage for Merlin asking all the other contestants if they have seen him, no one has.

Just then a bearded man in a suit approaches the Dr., “Are you Dr. Castaspell?”

“Yes, why yes I am he, who would like to know?”

“My apologies Sr., er Dr, my name is Mr. Spellcaster and I was assigned to assist the young Wizard Melin.”

“Ah, yes . . . Merlin mentioned you earlier, is he here, he is scheduled to go on in a minute.”

“There has been a slight problem Dr.” and before he could finish, the Dr. jumps in, “Is Merlin ok,nothing has happened to him has it, I was getting worried about him.”

Merlin is fine Dr., but I am afraid there was a small accident, earlier when we were rehearsing, Merlin accidentally drank from the Real Potion Bottle instead of the prop one we had for rehearsal.”

“What are you saying, where is Merlin?”

“I am right here Sr., . . . I mean Dr.”

“Merlin is that you, where are you I can not see you”

“I know Dr., I accidentally drank the potion and now I am truly invisible.”

“So it works!” said Dr Castaspell, “It really truly works.”

The stage hands then inform them that Merlin is due on stage.

Dr. Castaspell and Mr. Spellcaster walked with Merlin out onto the stage.

Mr. Spellcaster steps up to the microphone and addresses the great oversized record breaking crowd.

“Thank you all for attending today's contest. We would like to end it with the magic of Merlin who is currently here with me.  He was to drink a magic potion which would make him invisible unfortunately he drank the potion too soon earlier today during rehearsal, completely my fault for handing him the wrong vile,but the fact you can not see him is proof that the magic is real. Merlin would you like to say something to the audience tonight?”

Mr. Spellcaster backs away from the microphone and looks over into the empty space.

Merling then speaks, “It is an honor to be here tonight. I am truly humbled by all the great talent that surrounds me. This is not how I intended on presenting myself, so as they say the show must go on, I will improvise and instead of turning invisible before your eyes I will come visible, well at least for what I can as it will take a couple of hours for the potion to wear off, but what I can do is put on some clothes to prove I am here.”

The stage crew quickly brought him several items to put on.

“Let me start by putting on this watch.” Merlin puts the watch around his wrist and the people in the audience gasp in amazement. As he waves his arm around it appears as though the watch is just floating in thin air.

Merlin then puts on the pants, after which the shirt and as he is buttoning it up and tucking it in he is stepping into the shoes.

The crowd is on their feet, never have they never not seen anything like this before.

Merlin bows to the applause and then walks off stage with the assistant Mr. Spellcaster tagging closely behind, Dr.Castaspell steps up to the mic to gloat for the school and to praise Merlin’s talents and magical prowess. By the time he makes it off stage Merlin and Mr. Spellcaster are nowhere to be found. A stage hand approaches Dr. Castaspell and hands him a note.

“This is for you Dr.”

“Thank you kindly Sir,”

Dr. Castaspell opens the note and reads it.

“I feel a little queasy, Mr Spellcaster was kind enough to take me to rest and sup at his house as he said his wife has the perfect remedy. I will see you later this evening back at the hotel.” signed “Merlin”

“Haha, he let his nerves get the better of him.” he then proceeded to the after contest festivities.

Later that night Dr. Castaspell finally makes it back to the hotel room only to find Merlin sound asleep in bed and fully visible again.

“Well I’ll be, it wore off in a few hours just like he said it would.”

The next morning the sun glares Merlin in the eye again and awakens him bright and early.

The Dr awakens shortly after and finds Merlin packed and ready to go.

“We are all set to depart Sr., . . . I mean Dr., are you ready?”

“Ready when you are Wiz Kid.”

Merlin speaks and a door is opened, the two walk through it and are magically in the center courtyard of Castle Magic School surrounded by cheering classmates and teachers.

Dr.Castaspell walks up to the microphone and addresses the students and faculty.

“It is a great day here at Castle Magic, our Merlin has won the contest and earned for our school the highest reputation among magicians in the known universe, this is a cause for celebration. So tonight we will have a Masquerade Ball in Merlins Honor and everyone is invited to attend!”

The crowd cheers.

Merlin retires to his dorm as he has had one wild ride and is ready to just take it easy for a change.

He walks the old fashion way and enjoys the long flight of stairs leading to his dotm. Merlin open the door and finds his room mate sitting at the table with some papers, he glances at the dorm door as it opens,

“Hey your back, you didn’t scare me this time, are you going to kill me.”

“Kill you? Why would I kill you?”

“Because I forgot to pack you notes, somehow they did not make it to the satchel like I thought, I found them after you left but by then it was too late, I feel horrible.”

“Oh, so is that why you were not down at the courtyard with everyone else.”

Yes, I did not think you would want to see me there, I thought for sure you would not be able to finish your formula without the notes and that you would hate me for it,”

“Aw, I could never hate you, like I said before I left, I never would have made it through this school year if it was not for you, you are my best friend.”

“Well then how did you pull it off, because I looked over your notes and all I came up with out of all that was a great recipe for a stew.”

“Can you keep a secret?” asked Merlin

“Of course I can!”

“Well so can I, you know magicians can not reveal their secrets it diminishes their magic, it’s our number one rule.”

“I know, I know, I should have never asked but everyone is dying to know . . .”

“And maybe one day the world will be ready I can teach them, until then, I want to put all that behind me and focus on my studies here at the academy, leave all the fame and attention to someone else.”

“Fat chance you are too good of a Wizard and your reputation will always put you where you need to be. Anyways since your not mad at me I am going to get cleaned up for tonight's Masquerade Ball”

Merlin’s room mate then steps into the bathroom and turns on the hot water in the shower, with the door slightly cracked steam starts to come out of the bathroom. 

Merlin begins to unpack his travel bag and puts everything away.

He pulls the watch out and sets it on his dresser. He then pulls the clothes out he had with him on stage and folds them neatly and puts them in a drawer. He then looks behind him to make sure his room mate is in the shower then Merlin pulls out a beard and a pair of glasses. He stuffs them in the back of his sock drawer and reflects on the events of that trip.

As he remembers it the one thing that stood out was how everyone said they “wouldn’t” see him, and that made becoming invisible oh so easy. When he was looking at the blue prints that night he saw that the illusion was greater than the reality, the next morning he concocted the story of an assistant, none of the contestants got one, he then went and bought the fake beard and glasses along with a suit that he later pawned after the act as he never went to Mr. Spellcaster’s house as there is no such thing as a Mr. Spellcaster, just Merlin in a suit and disguise, the rest was simple magic. He never put on any clothes on stage, that was the real magic, Merlin made the clothes appear to be worn the same way he froze and spun the eraser, simple magic, and he made sure that he as Mr. Spellcaster was always within close proximity to the so called invisible man so simple ventriloquism would work to fool even the most scrutinizing observer.

Merlin closed the drawer and chuckled . . .

“Hey, are you done yet, save me some hot water!”