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Welcome to the Wizard's Book Club, Come be a Part of Our Magical Writing & Reading Community!


Share your Western WIP, Stories, Books, Art, here!

#WritingCommunity and #ReadingCommunity let us have a discussion . . .

Once Upon a Social Media Platform . . .

As a writer, avid reader and artist, would you like to have a platform where you can share your work to the world.

A place where there is high quality traffic from like minded people.

People you can bounce your ideas off of, or run your manuscript by, or just in general have a great conversation about what matters most to us.

And I do not mean with "so many characters or less", or platforms that are so obscure only a writer could find it.

Would you like your work to be represented side by side with the classics.

The best part is, this is only the beginning!

For starters, how about a (k i c k a $ $) Author's Page that will get you noticed online.

And don't worry it is not all pretty looks either, as the Wizard's Book Club offers up some of the finest magical tools at your disposal.

How about the ability to upload pdf files or epub files with your post so you can not only discuss the topic at hand, but you can actually include your manuscript or ebook if you want.

This is great for receiving instant feedback from your peers.

Imagine a place where you can write a blog include video and graphics, create a discussion about it, ask a question to the group about it and post about it all seamlessly in one platform, that is the magic of... (More)

Well known Cardiologist in Rajasthan | Dr. Atul Kasliwal

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Which cup is better to open a coffee shop

We can see all kinds of paper cups in milk tea coffee shops. Among them, the paper cups of Starbucks coffee shops are refreshing.bagasse cane In addition to these special paper cups, the following paper cups are mainly used in our lives: Single wall paper cup--Single wall paper cup is one of the paper cups. The main material is a wall of paper. The characteristic of the single-wall paper cup is that the wall inside the cup has a smooth PE coating or edible wax.

Single-wall cups are generally used to hold drinking water, mainly cold drink cups.flat lid Special wax-plated paper cups must not be used to hold hot water, because the wax dissolves at 70 degrees and is harmful to the human body, while PE coated paper cups Also, if the temperature is too high, harmful substances will be produced. Double wall cup--as the name suggests, means that the paper cup has two wall. The quality of double-wall paper cups is better than that of single-wall paper cups. The use time of double-wall paper cups is also longer than that of single-wall paper cups.2.5oz paper cup It can also be used to hold hot beverages, such as hot coffee. Hollow cup--The hollow cup is one of the disposable paper cups.8oz ripple wall cup It is hollow inside and has the function of heat insulation. The quality of hollow cups is much higher than that of ordinary paper cups. The service life of hollow cups... (More)

A Review of Online Shoe Stores

Alright, how about we formal shoes Pakistan get right to it, are you a lady? All things considered, on the off chance that you are truth be told an individual from the more pleasant sex, you're without a doubt in affection with shoes. Not to be cliché here, however I've yet to run into a lady who doesn't adore her footwear. Now that we're regarding the matter, where do you look for your shoes? Allow me to figure, you're most likely going to say anyplace and all over the place. All things considered, that is just fine, yet would you say you are getting the best arrangements that you would be able? Most of people don't place a lot of thought into it, however there is a whole universe of shoe stores on the Internet. Indeed, that is right; the Internet is jam loaded with retail shoe stores. To this end you ought to consider the plenty of online shoe stores. casual shoes pakistan There are more extraordinary arrangements out there that you might actually envision.

Have you looked through the web of late? Formal and Casual Shoe Pakistan Disgrace on you assuming you just hit up the nearby shoe stores for your assortment of footwear. That is truly just a drop in the supposed pail. The Internet has quite a lot more to propose than running from one store to another and the conventional way. Perhaps you love to shop at Nordstrom's. That is my better half's number one.... (More)