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Why the styrofoam coffee cup harmful

What helps keep the coffee hot and the transportation materials safe? Styrofoam. However, this material has caused controversy in recent years for good reasons.kraft paper soup cup cup for hot soup It has proven to be very useful, but unfortunately, its use can bring complications to our planet and our health. Let's go back to the bottom of the question: Why are styrofoam coffee cups harmful to the environment? What is polystyrene foam?wholesale disposable ice cream cups "Polystyrene foam" is the registered trademark name of the Dow Chemical Company's building materials products. However, it is often used when talking about anything made of expanded polystyrene (EPS).

This includes packaging peanuts, egg cartons, foam packaging, building insulation materials and disposable coffee cups. How are styrofoam cups made? Like other plastics, polystyrene is a polymer; long repeating chains of monomers (small molecules). It is made from hydrocarbons such as benzene and ethylene and requires raw materials such as natural gas and petroleum. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, polystyrene was initially small, dense, hard beads.3oz mini paper coffee cups Using heat and steam, these beads are softened and expanded and eventually become larger, so the density decreases. In fact, if you look at a piece of polystyrene foam, you might actually be able to see these beads. To Like other plastics, polystyrene can be thermoformed, molded or extruded into a variety of different shapes and sizes. After cooling, polystyrene has multiple lightweight, expanded cells that can be used... (More)

Printed coffee cup great choice to promote your brand

Making your corporate brand stand out is one of the basic elements of success in this business world. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people have no idea about your product or service, they will not proceed accordingly. This is why companies from start-ups to highly framed companies pay more attention to promoting their brands. With this in mind, custom printed coffee cups and custom printed food packaging bags have entered the marketing field. Yes, custom printed cups and food packaging bags are great tools to increase brand awareness. These types of promotional items are very suitable for cafes, restaurants, universities, and companies that provide takeaway beverages across the country.

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Benefits of printed coffee cups

1. Promote your business and help the planet

2. Deliver a message that cannot be ignored

3. Unique color and style format to display your brand logo

4. Environmentally friendly printed coffee cups enhance customer trust

5. Long-term investment in any marketing activities.

Custom printed coffee cups are not only good for the environment, but also good for your business! Yes, custom printed coffee cups are a big advantage to promote and publicize your brand name to increase brand awareness. So, are you looking for the highest quality printed coffee cups to promote your business? Contact the coffee service! Hyde... (More)


Every car owner knows how important it is to keep your car neat. A clean and well-maintained vehicle not only looks attractive but also provides you with a high resale value. 62% of car owners believe that car appearance matters a lot. Cleaning your car regularly can save you a lot of money when you go for its monthly detailing. Here we have listed some of the great tips you can use to clean your car at home. Read on! Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals

Employ Small Tools to Reach Corners

Every vehicle is full of small nooks and crannies. It becomes so hard to remove the dust and debris that get into them. So, detailing tools help you clean these areas, which otherwise will be impossible to clean. The interesting fact is that you do not necessarily need to have expert tools for it; a toothbrush, cotton swab or any other small old brush will be perfect.

Alcohol for Windshield Wipers

Sometimes while cleaning your windshield, you get long streaky spots on it. That is because your windshield starts to build up dirt, and when it moves back and forth on the glass, it leaves streaks on the windshield. A great solution to avoid such hassle is to clean your blades before taking out your car. You just need a paper towel and damp it with rubbing alcohol. The next step is holding the blade and giving it a proper stroke. Palm Beach Car rental

Sticky Lint Roller

A sticky... (More)


Why disposable plates become indispensable

plates have long been used to feel full without needing to be washed after each use.bread bags paper They're great for a quick morning meal, a daytime snack for kids, camping or picnics, and sometimes for special occasions. Delicious and nutritious food is a necessity few of you can afford to ignore. Of course, you spend a lot of time buying the best produce and cooking it perfectly to keep yourself nourished.paper container Unfortunately, the need for careful serving is often overlooked. When you use the same old cutlery in your kitchen day after day, it's best to use disposable plates that are attractive and functional for office lunches or picnics.

The everyday role of disposable dinner plates

Trays serve as perfect containers at the right time, especially when you need to quickly empty larger containers. Unlike traditional tableware, there is no need to wash it after every meal. No! Discarding trays does not damage the environment and contaminate the surrounding environment.cake paper cup The best trays also happen to be biodegradable. However, sourcing the right plates is crucial.cone cups Don't simply pick the first one you see and buy a handful without considering the effect. It certainly makes sense to examine each item carefully to see if it is scratch resistant and durable enough to hold food in all its consistency. Indian meals come in a variety of consistencies, including solid, semisolid and liquid. cone paper cups You don't want the lentil dish to end... (More)