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Welcome to the Wizard's Book Club, Come be a Part of Our Magical Writing & Reading Community!


Paying homage to all the greats, each month  the Wizard will choose a book out of the "Classic's" section of the Castle Library so the book club can openly discuss and talk about it.

#writers of all genres are finding a new home at the Wizard's Book Club,a great #writingcommunity where we can all share our work, boast a writers page with blog and so much more, . . . if you like to #write then come join the magic, sign up today!

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Helping aspiring authors and writers with the ins and outs of the self publishing industry!

The Wizard gives excellent advice and tips for any one that is thinking about self publishing a book.

Avoid all the stereotypical pitfalls and fast track you self publishing journey with this comprehensive easy to understand and follow how to on the world of self publishing.

Learn what all successful self publishing writers already know and join in on the joy and self satisfaction of self publishing your manuscript into a book.

There are tons of books on how to become a better writer this is not one of them,this book delves deep into the ins and outs of self publishing.

While there are no rules per se' in writing the publishing industry is full of them.

Let the Wizard help navigate your way into a world like no other and join in on the magic of publishing.


Wizard Wise Publishing: Tips for Self Publishing Writers

Wizard Wise Publishing: Tips for Self Publishing Writers
Wizard Wise Publishing: Tips for Self Publishing Writers


Book: Peter Pan & Wendy or just Peter Pan

Author: J.M. Barrie

Wizard's First Choice:

With our inception we thought it would be exciting to take every one on a journey into Neverland, as this journey for the Wizard's Book Club feels the same way!


Each month the Wizard will choose a classic book that we can all review, talk about, ask questions about, blog about and post about on a single platform.


Every one loves a good old classic novel, and what better way to get the community talking.


By reviewing the classics it sets the standard thereby making our independent reviews of each others work stronger and more valuable.


What great book or novel are you sitting on?


Contribute your magic today!


The Wizard's Book Club is for all those that love books.


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